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The British Virgin Islands offer the "World's finest sailing grounds." There are miles of secluded beaches, calm anchorages, spectacular snorkeling and scuba diving. The climate is perfect with gentle year-round tradewinds which makes it the ideal cruising ground.

The weather in the spring and early summer months is delightful with warm to hot days cooled a bit by a gentle evening breeze. In the winter months you will enjoy comfortable and warm weather.

Chartering with Sail_chateau is a chance for people to see the Virgin Islands in the best way boat. By boat is by far the best way to visit Island communities any where in the world. The British Virgin Islands boasts the largest charter fleet in the world and this is because the winds are moderate, the passages short (An Hour or Two), and the weather consistently sunny and 85 degrees. There is very little rain from November to June and very little the rest of the year,(they desalinate to keep up with the water supply). Because there are lots of charter companies and boats there is a large infrastructure of services and supplies offering all manner of repairs and all types of food and drink all USDA approved. On this charter one can have their own mix of relaxation, play or partying ... and no work : You have a Captain to run the boat safely to the next harbour and a Chef to prepare all the meals of your choice. These are all inclusive holidays and the guests can have their own input into the types of food and drink and the itinerary of events or leave it all to the crew...their choice.

For your convenience here is this week's current BVI Weather forecast and a chart of the region.

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