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Mermaid's Log
by Jim Brennan

Mermaid's Log is the true story of the adventures from her backyard construction in Ft. Collins, Colorado to circumnavigating the North Atlantic Ocean and then the world from 1988 to 1993. It contains an accurate account of what one can generally expect on a passage at proper seasons on each ocean. It also contains expriences of some fellow yachtsmen having close encounters with tragedy, survival, and theft. This is a learning experience.

Throughout the book you will enjoy the cruising information and going to ports of call. There is specific information on adventures and a unique love story. It tells of how Jim meets his future wife, Marione, a daughter of a very sheltered family, of how Marione, a totally inexperienced sailor, took a leap of faith in her love for him and joined the Mermaid to become an experienced, trusted, sailing partner, sharing in all the adventures and all the encounters. Jump aboard the Mermaid and lets go sailing!


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