Circumnavigation of the World and Conquest of Perceptions

    Trevor Jones was serving as a Royal Navy helicopter pilot when a spinal chord injury in 1988 brought a premature end to his chosen career. However four years later he became the first quadraplegic to be awarded a flying licence. To prove a point and raise money for charity, he flew his specially adapted microlight solo across the channel. Thereafter he set up a flying school for disabled people and in 1997 published his autobiography ?Walking on Air?.

    Today Trevor is on the verge of his greatest challenge yet. He aims to be the first quadraplegic to sail around the world. His yacht, Inventure, a wing powered trimaran is nearing completion after a two and a half year rebuild. Work undertaken includes installing a hydraulic side-lift, levelling the deck, devising an automatic locking system for securing the wheelchair at sea, a crane and an electric door. Below decks refurbishment includes a steering position lift, re- housing electronic controls to make them ergonomically accessible, and a full overhaul of dining, navigation, toilet and shower facilities.

    In preparation for the global voyage, a summer programm of trials and crew training lies ahead. The aim is to employ several international crews consisting of one paraplegic and two able bodied assistants, changing over approximately every four months. Applicants are welcome to apply via

    Trevor is still searching for a corporate partner to join forces in a sponsorship arrangement, to date a support group of about five hundred people have raised around ?300,000each through events and gifts of between ?10 and ?10,000. A further ?1 million is needed to pay off debts and get them around the world.

    After sailing around the world the ?Inventure Trust? will run Inventure as a training platform. There being no ropes or sails to handle, even the most severely disabled sailors will be able to experience hands on boat handling through a varirty of electronic interfaces.

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